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El pròxim dissabte es farà la IV Cantada Pagesa al Cinema

iii-cantada-pagesajEl Consell de Formentera, a través de l’àrea de Música Tradicional de l’Escola de Música i Dansa de Formentera, amb la col·laboració de l’àrea de Cultura del Consell Insular, ha organitzat la IV Cantada Pagesa per al pròxim 22 de febrer a les 20.30h a la Sala de Cultura-Cinema. L’entrada és gratuïta i l’aforament és limitat. El propòsit d’aquesta cantada és recuperar el cant tradicional redoblat, glosat o recitat. Com en edicions anteriors, hi participaran més d’una vintena de músics, entre alumnes de l’Escola i cantadors de totes les generacions, que coincidiran damunt del mateix escenari.

Xerrada instruments tradicionals, dissabte Sala de Plens
Com a novetat, enguany s’ha organitzat, amb l’àrea de Patrimoni del Consell Insular, una xerrada, al voltant de la construcció d’instruments tradicionals de les Pitiüses, sota el títol “La construcció dels instruments tradicionals de les Pitiüses” que tendrà lloc el mateix dia 22 a les 11.00h a la Sala de Plens (al costat del Centre de Dia). La conferència serà a càrrec del mestre artesà Toni Riera Roselló, Toni Marc, un dels pocs que queden en actiu a les Pitiüses, que explicarà el procés de construcció, els materials i les eines utilitzades per a l’elaboració dels instruments tradicionals.

Totes aquestes activitats representen una oportunitat més per gaudir i conèixer una mica més la cançó i la música tradicional de l’illa, tal com passa amb les Caramelles de Nadal i Pasqua, propostes que són fruit d’ofertar en el seu moment l’aprenentatge d’instruments tradicionals dins l’Escola de Música i Dansa de Formentera. Totes aquestes activitats s’emmarquen dins la celebració del XX Aniversari de l’Escola de Música i Dansa de Formentera.

18 de febrer de 2020
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Durant aquesta setmana es pot visitar la mostra dels alumnes de ceràmica

foto 2020 expo castillos jobani 1El Consell de Formentera, a través de l'àrea de Cultura, informa que ahir es va inaugurar l’exposició de l’alumnat del taller de ceràmica que imparteixen Remedios Castillo i Silvia Jobani. Les obres dels alumnes es podran visitar fins al pròxim divendres 21 de febrer a la Sala d’Exposicions ‘Ajuntament Vell’ de Sant Francesc. L’horari de visita és de dilluns a divendres d’11 a 14 h i de 18 a 20h.

La mostra recull part de les obres de ceràmica, creades pels alumnes de les classes que organitza l'àrea de Comerç del Consell de Formentera. En total hi ha 19 alumnes de les classes de ceràmica per adults i 36 alumnes de les classes de ceràmica per infants. Aquesta formació plàstica es realitza durant tot el curs escolar i possibilita que tant els adults, com els infants, aprenguin a modelar amb fang i coneguin les diferents tècniques que es fan servir per crear ornaments de decoració.

18 de febrer de 2020
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

This Sunday 23 February, drums beat as Sant Francesc streets come alive for Carnaval

carnaval-2019-1The Formentera Department of Culture announces the celebration this Sunday 23 February in Sant Francesc, of Carnaval. After an 11.00am roundup where parade walkers can congregate and sign up to take part in the day's fancy-dress contest, the procession will set out from Sa Senieta car park and tour the town’s main roads, helped along by the lively percussion of Bloco Colubraria.

The parade route begins on Avinguda del Pla del Rei before continuing down Carrer d'Eivissa and arriving at Plaça de la Constitució. From there, merrymakers will cheer the parade as participants make their way down Carrer de Jaume I, Carrer de Marc Ferrer and Carrer de Santa Maria before arriving back at Plaça de la Constitució.

Winners of the fancy-dress contest will be eligible for cash prizes totalling €4,610. The following prizes will be handed out after lunch and dancing:

Adult individual First place €200 | Second place €150
Kids' individual First place €100 | Second place €60
Pairs First place €300 | Second place €200
Families First place €300 | Second place €200
Groups [3 to 10 individuals] First place €400 | Second place €250
Large groups [over 10 individuals] First place €500 | Second place €350
Floats [with vehicle] First place €950 | Second place €650

Party and dinner
As the parade comes to an end, DJs Blue and Javi Box will serve up musical entertainment for a fancy-dress contest. Then, at 2.00pm, members of the parent-teacher association and parents of year-six levels at Mestre Lluís Andreu primary school will host a lunch where those in festive garb eat free. Culture councillor Susana Labrador called the February festival “a great chance to see people in their most creative, and often quite political, digs, and having a great time”.

The coming week will see schoolchildren taking part in an array of parades. In Sant Francesc, Colegio Virgen Milagrosa will hold its 10.00am Carnaval procession on Thursday 20 February, with Mestre Lluís Andreu and Sant Ferran staging their own celebrations at the same time the next day. Then on Tuesday 25 February, pupils in La Mola will lead their own cortège at 12 noon.

Mask-making workshop and School of Music and Dance performance
On Tuesday 18 February, Sant Ferran’s library connection (the Punt de Lectura) will be the scene of a clinic on making Carnaval masks. On Wednesday 26 February the School of Music and Dance will hold its own student Carnaval celebration. Space is limited. For more information, contact the school at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

14 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Next Saturday, Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi join forces and breathe life into “Rostoll Cremat”

foto-rostoll-cremat-j1The Formentera Department of Culture reports that Saturday 15 February from 8.30pm in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema), local audiences will get their chance to see Rostoll Cremat. The stage performance sees two of the Balearic and Catalan theatre scenes’ shining stars —Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi— as they team up to breathe life into Rostoll Cremat, an allegory of human ambition and greed refracted in Mallorca today.

Directed by Broggi, the work is based on a text by Gomila, who also acts. The production reflects on contemporary society across popular and universal works of literature —local fairytale figurehead Joanet de sa gerra and George Sand provide the narrative through-lines, which also contain glimpses of Shakespeare, Chekov and Ibsen— and paints a picture of tourism in the region and the upheaval that islanders themselves are going through, underscoring the contradictory ambition lying beneath it all.

Gomila made early inroads into the world of theatre with works like Acorar, Infinir and Peccatum, though Rostoll Cremat is his first outsize production as a playwright, and we see him here in his element: not only as an actor, but also in his use of Catalan. Department head Susana Labrador encouraged islanders to “save Saturday for theatre, and prepare to reflect on the transformation of the Balearic Islands, and islanders, under tourism”.

Rostoll Cremat is a co-production of the Barcelona theatre festival Grec 2019, Palma’s Teatre Principal and Produccions de Ferro. The 110’-show starts Saturday 15 February at 8.30pm in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema). Admission is €7 for adults and €5 for viewers under 18.

10 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

On 29 March, 18th Festa Intercultural takes over Plaça Europa in Es Pujols

foto-festa-intercultural1Formentera’s social welfare department announces efforts are already under way to prepare for the 18th birthday bash of the Festa Intercultural — an event that will descend upon Es Pujols’ Plaça Europa on Sunday 29 March.

Department chief Rafael Ramírez described the ode to cultural exchange as “a deeply-rooted feature of the local landscape”, and one that has reflected, from the very start, “the multicultural reality of Formentera today”. Councillor Ramírez encouraged islanders to “come have a ball and relish the richness of this cultural marketplace”, pointing out that in years past as many as twenty countries and regions have been represented at the shindig.

12 February organising session with volunteers

The Department of Social Welfare reports that a planning meeting will take place in the Casal d’Entitats at 8.00pm on 12 February. The powwow is open to the general public and the Consell encourages anyone who might be interested to attend. For more details, interested parties can phone 971 321 271 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The encounter brings together hundreds of Formentera residents representing a range of nationalities and regional identities. The all-ages day-long event comes with activities tuned specially for children, samples of signature food and drink from the distinct regions, musical performances and demos of homegrown dance. Delegates from roughly fifteen countries and regions have already confirmed they will participate, and sign ups are still open. Participants have previously included Cuba, Chile, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Morocco, Germany, Paraguay, Andalucia, Galicia, Extremadura, València and Catalunya.

7 February 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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